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Vehicle Tracking

GPS has now become a common technology that allows its users to track many things including vehicles. Vehicle tracking app has now become a necessity in all the business which uses the vehicles for one purpose or another.

Where Are Vehicle Tracking Solution Needed?

Vehicle monitoring systems are used in a variety of industries like:

  • Construction
  • Field Service
  • Government
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Delivery

Whether you own a small business or a big business, GPS tracking service for vehicles become a necessity to manage the vehicles of the company for a variety of reasons. The GPS tracking solutions can improve your business by:

  • Improving productivity and profits
  • Increasing efficiency and accountability
  • Providing better customer service and safety

With the help of fleet tracking solutions, you can help your business to reach new heights.

Features of a Vehicle Tracking System

Some essential features that should be provided by a Vehicle Tracking Solution includes:

  • Real time tracking
  • Trip history
  • Alerts like speeding alert, route deviation alert
  • Geo fencing
  • Historical reports
  • Dashboard summary
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy installation
  • User management and access control

With all these features, it becomes easy to track a vehicle and keep an eye on it. The GPS tracking can also be used for fleet management solutions.

Who Can Use GPS Personal Locator?

Apart from using GPS to track vehicles in large enterprises, it can also be used at individual level. Who can use GPS personal locator?

  • A person who owns a car or a bike
  • Families that have driver driven vehicle
  • Parents who want to keep track of their children
  • Children who want to keep track of their old parents

A GPS personal locator should have the following features:

  • Real time tracking
  • Geo zones
  • Daily summary email about the trips
  • Safe mode to ensure that your vehicle is safe
  • Insights about the trips

If you want to optimize your business productivity with GPS vehicle tracking solutions and fleet management tracking solutions, then Precise Automation and Robotics is the company for you.

How Can We Meet Your Need?

At Precise Automation and Robotics, we are all about creating the best GPS vehicle tracking device and system that updates you with all the information once your vehicles have hit the road. We can meet your need by designing, developing and selling our vehicle tracking solutions to you by giving you a customized vehicle monitoring systems.

Who Are We?

Precise Automation and Robotics is the leader in providing Vehicle Tracking Solutions. Started in the year of 2010, Precise Automation and Robotics has been growing day by day. Our headquarter is in Jodhpur and we have successfully expanded our office in Delhi and Jaipur. We work to provide every section of the industries and commercial setups with:

  • Specialized technical consulting services
  • Customized automation products

With the experience of working in the development of 14 portals and 322 websites, Precise Automation and Robotics has established itself as a growing organization that is performing extremely well in the domain of IT Consulting, Software and Web based applications. We are currently working for Rajasthan Web Restructuring Plan in AEM.

What Do We Offer?

When it comes to tracking vehicles, we offer:

  • Vehicle Tracking Solutions
  • Fleet Management Solutions
  • Fleet Tracking Solutions

at a competitive price.

Apart from that, we offer our services in:

  • GPS System Development
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • GPS Tracking Device
  • RFID Based Attendance System
  • Biometric Security System
  • ERP Software Development
  • Java Application Development
  • ASP .net Development

What Is Our Philosophy?

Precise Automation and Robotics offers the most advanced vehicle tracking system to its customers. We believe that being good is not enough and therefore we continue to strive for perfection by exploring and creating a new system for our customers. We aim to provide customized solutions to our customers for:

  • Decreasing the operating costs
  • Increasing profitability
  • Higher productivity

We aim to provide complete satisfaction to our customers. Feel free to seek our service by contacting us at +9129127711664. You can also mail your queries to us at